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Reconstructive Dentistry

Full Mouth Reconstruction

Without doubt, Reconstructive dentistry is the area of Prosthodontics that has grown the fastest over the last 25 years. There have been several significant advances on tissue and bone regeneration, dental implants and prosthetic solutions that improve what can be done for our patients today. A Full Mouth Reconstruction is an important process that will change your life and therefore has to be done only by a specialist. Prosthodontists are the only dentists trained on this type of complex restorations. If your general dentist is suggesting you to have a full mouth reconstruction, ask him to refer you to a specialist.

Who needs a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Causes of deterioration of an entire mouth are multiple. The top list is headed by multiple cavities and gum disease, but these are not the only ones.

  1. Extremely worn dentition (Associated to clenching/bruxing, GERD, bulimia or congenital enamel defects)
  2. Advanced Carious lesions (many cavities)
  3. Advanced Periodontal disease (gum disease)
  4. Chronic bite problems
  5. Missing teeth
  6. TMD problems
  7. Inadequate dental work

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How is a Full Mouth Reconstruction done?

Step 1: Collecting information

The main goal is to rebuild and restore your oral structures. The process starts by finding out what is missing or damaged and the cause of it. In addition to gum disease or tooth decay, you could be missing tooth structure, teeth and gum tissue, or teeth, gums and supporting bone, so in order to obtain as much information as possible, some diagnostic exams are required: a detailed exam, a complete set of digital radiographs, a CBCT scan, digital models and a set of digital intraoral photographs. We will obtain all this information during your first appointment.

Step 2: Planning the proper strategy

Once all information is collected, we will create a blue-print of your future reconstruction using a Diagnostic Wax-up or a Digital Design and we will determine the best way to put you back in shape. Depending on the level of damage or tissues lost, we will design a strategy to provide foundation for your new healthy smile. This is also an opportunity for us to learn what else you would like to change on your smile. For example, you may like whiter teeth or close spaces between your teeth.

You will be glad to know there is more than one way to restore your dentition. We will present you multiple options to achieve the result. Very often our patients choose dental implants to replace missing teeth or to secure dentures, however, they are not always required and it really depend on your particular situation.

Full Mouth Reconstruction - Actual Patient

Full Mouth Reconstruction | Final Reconstruction
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Step 3: A glance into your smile

A reconstruction starts by providing you with a set of provisionals (temporary teeth) fixed or removable that will look like the definitive restoration. You will always have teeth during the process! Think of it as a “road test” of your new smile. We can make changes to the provisional teeth to improve function, esthetics and your speech. After awhile, they will represent exactly our final result. On the mean time, we will concentrate on removing any infections and  providing a solid healthy foundation for your new smile.

Step 4: The final new teeth

Your new teeth will be customized to your character and personality. Once all the teeth and tissues are sound and healthy, digital and/or physical molds of your mouth are made to fabricate the definitive restorations. These are tried in and verified for accuracy of fit and bite. At this point a new set of radiographs is required to ensure you are getting the best possible restoration. Crowns, dentures or bridges will be inserted and cemented.

Step 5: Maintenance and Prevention

The end result is truly rewarding. You have done an investment in time and money getting your teeth back. But remember the main reason that brought you to the initial stage has to be controlled and prevention is key! So at this point the most important thing is to maintain what we have achieved and to prevent from the original problem to recur. Depending of the initial cause you should visit us every 3, 4 or 6 months for proper care. Enjoy and show off your new smile!

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Undoubtedly Dr. Castro is the Top Dentist and a true gentleman. Dr. Castro understands the problems from the core and treats a whole mouth to provide long lasting results not just one tooth. He has provided me with the smile that I can be proud of and now I project myself comfortably and confidently. Thank you!


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