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Georgia Prosthodontics Study Club

Our Study Club is open to every dentist willing to learn, discuss, share and debate the latest topics in dentistry. If you are interested in a particular topic, feel free to email us to

We are looking forward to meet you!

Advances In Prosthodontics™

Our prosthodontic specialty practice is built on the support of great colleagues referring complex cases. In fact, we have found that working with dental colleagues rather than competing allows us both to provide an even higher level of care for patients facing a difficult diagnosis.
That is why we want to share the following newsletters, each one with a summary from one of our advanced treatment, and a journal article abstract, so you can stay informed on new findings and best practices for implant and restorative dentistry.
Do You Have a Patient suffering from TMD - TMJ pain

Spring 2019
Do You Have a Patient suffering from TMD - TMJ pain?

Feb-Mar 2019
Do You Have a Patient needing comprehensive care?

Winter 2019
Do You Have a Patient Who is unhappy with the look or fit of their Denture?

Fall 2018
Do You Have a Patient with TMJ pain?