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A Positive Change in Azim's Life

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A Positive Change in Azim's Life

Azim was desperate. He came to us for implants after looking for help from others who were unable to provide him a solution.

Azim's Full Mouth Reconstruction Process

Azim has a special condition; he suffers from a severe gag reflex. He cannot tolerate having anything in his mouth from him. Because of this condition, it was impossible to take an actual impression of his mouth from him using the regular traditional techniques. His gag reflex made him unable to tolerate even a regular dental exam.

Through digital dentistry, we were able to take impressions using scans, which was a very interesting process. First, we did the digital impressions. This included an external scan of his face, bones, and mouth. Then, we put everything together and projected how his teeth should look, then began designing his teeth.

The fact that we were able to get to that point drastically changed Azim’s perspective of the treatment. Before visiting Georgia Prosthodontics, Azim was frustrated. However, he finally saw that we could help him, and we were excited to do it.

What was Really Interesting in This Case?

We were able to do the surgery using an analog, ultraconservative method with minimum duration, exposure, and opening, making this procedure possible and comfortable even with Azim’s gag reflex.

We placed his implants very conservatively, and when the procedure was complete, Azim walked out of the office with no pain. The next morning, we had a set of teeth ready for him and were eager to see this positive change in his life.

When the process was complete, Azim ended up with a nice set of implant-supported teeth on the top and bottom of his mouth (All on 4 Dental Implants). He’s still enjoying them today.


 “It’s not for the appearance, it’s definitely not. I can eat, I can smile, and I can speak so clearly.”

full arch dental implants

Azim’s Transformation

Azim has transformed in many ways since his dental reconstruction. He’s shy not anymore. He’s more open to talking to people. This has impacted not only his personal life but his career as well.

Azim is a flight attendant, working as the lead attendant on his flights. Before the procedure, he was self-conscious of his teeth whenever he made the pre-flight announcements. He’s not ashamed anymore! His speech has improved, and he is now happy with the way that he sounds. He’s more confident. He speaks with passengers more.

This was a very interesting and rewarding case for Georgia Prosthodontics because it allowed us to take advantage of digital dental technology, proving that these technologies should be attempted for cases like Azim’s.

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