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“Dr. Castro did extraordinary things. That’s why is in their name: Smile Specialists. You come with no teeth and you leave smiling. I’m happy, so happy. I was able to open my mouth again. It changed my life.”

Eusebio Cancino

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“If you want somewhere or want to go somewhere you know that people are going to take an interest into it and take care of your mouth like it’s their mouth then you probably will want to go here.”


Pat T2

“The type of treatment that I had was a Smile Makeover because my wedding was so close, and I wanted to have a new smile for my wedding day.”


Georgia Prosthodontics offers Cosmetic & Reconstructive Dentistry. We love to help our patients create outstanding smiles they feel great about. Talk to us today about your wedding day smile makeover!.

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“My teeth were a hot mess and I was not happy. I didn’t really want to talk or smile with people and my confidence was just shocked. Now, I love my smile, I love what Dr. Castro has done for me”.


Marsha was very unhappy when she first came to see us. She didn’t like the way her teeth made her look, and she did not have the confidence to laugh speak or smile in public.

Pat T1

“I had a hard time eating. I had pain. I had gum loss. Bone loss, and of course that affect your eating habits, affects your self-esteem, affects your life quality”.


She is thrilled with the results, and she can now eat properly, she is no longer in pain, and she has the confidence to laugh and smile with her friends and family.

Pat T3

“It’s not for the appearance, it’s definitely not. I can eat, I can smile, and I can speak so clearly”.


A Positive Transition in Azim’s Life

These are the cases that we enjoy the most, big challenges, big transformations that end up being life-changing for all our patients. In this one, Azim talks about his experience. He went through full mouth reconstruction that allowed him to have a beautiful smile. Now he can speak clearly and eat whatever he wants. We thank him for his belief in us and for trusting us through the lengthy process. Great ceramic work by Prostholab.

How “Teeth back in a Day” Changed Louis’ Life

When Louis came to see us, he had troubles with his teeth: he could not chew, smile, or speak confidently. He was not happy. After reviewing his options, he decided to say goodbye to removable dentures and get a new smile with fixed implant dentures. A procedure we call “Teeth back in a Day”.

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“Dr. Castro believes in saving the teeth as much as he can. He treats the whole patient. He values his patients. If Dr. Castro can’t fix it, in my opinion, it probably is not feasible, or you know possible”.

Rebecca Hirsh

Hear Rebecca’s story, a challenging case treated by Dr. Carlos Castro, and our excellent team from our In-house specialized Lab #ProsthoLab. The result… a natural, functional, and beautiful smile.

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“It was embarrassing to me and now I’m free. I can chew, eat and smile it’s wonderful”.


Kathy has been our patient for more than 5 years. Her journey was an absolute pleasure to us! Now she can smile like she used to do it. Thanks to our In-house digital dental laboratory – Prostholab- for the fabulous work!.

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"I had a fantastic experience during my treatment with Dr. Castro he has very helpful in explaining everything to me very patient and spoke my same language. All his personnel was very kind to me. He is simply the best implant dentist! Thank you Dr. Castro because you gave me confidence in my smile. =D."


Pat T5

“I’m a very confident person by nature. But I lost a lot of confidence when I didn’t have those teeth. But If you get implants, it changes your life. You can eat again. You have a full smile”.


Implants are probably the best solution to replace teeth because the titanium fuses or integrates with the bone and maintains that bone throughout the years. They are 99% success rate, and they are terrific options for many patients. See Glen’s story and his motivation to get them.

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"What I admired the most from Dr. Castro is that he enjoys doing his job and loves his patients. You can hear him saying to an Xray ‘beautiful’, ‘nice work’. He lets you know what he is doing, what is coming next, and what you can expect to feel. He makes sure you are comfortable at all times. When you visit this office you will find."


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