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Let Us Help You Recover After Dental Trauma

Injury to your head or face can be quite a shock, especially when it damages your teeth. A stumble on the sidewalk, a biking accident, car crash, or any number of mishaps can leave you with missing and broken teeth, cuts, bruises, and even fractures to the jaw and facial bones. To help you on your journey to heal and recover, you need caring professionals you can trust. Here at Georgia Prosthodontics, Dr. Castro and our team are committed to providing the highest quality treatment with as little stress as possible to help you smile again.

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Experiencing Types of Dental Trauma

Injuries to the mouth and face, known as maxillofacial trauma can cause a variety of issues ranging from mild to catastrophic. If your injury has caused damage to your teeth, we are here to correct the problem, no matter how severe.

Getting a tooth knocked out is a very common injury, and it doesn’t just happen to kids! The front teeth are especially vulnerable to being displaced. Gaps in your smile can affect your speech, your ability to chewing thoroughly, and it can also severely affect your confidence level! In order to get your physical image – as well as your self-image – back, you deserve quality restorations that will make you proud of your smile again, as they restore comfortable function.

Seemingly mild dental injuries may slightly displace a tooth without causing it to come out completely, which is called a “luxated” tooth. Even if the tooth isn’t knocked completely out, the damage to the ligaments and nerves serving that tooth can cause potentially major problems down the road, including the tooth becoming unstable and/or discolored. Broken teeth toward the back of the mouth can make it difficult to chew, swallow and speak clearly. Injuries to the jaw could throw your bite out of alignment, make it hard to open and close your mouth, and even affect your breathing!

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Restore Your Dental Health with Premier Services

Our team at Georgia Prosthodontics is proud to aid in your recovery from dental trauma, no matter how it has affected your teeth. Our services include:

Making Full Mouth Rehabilitation Easy

While it’s ideal if your natural teeth can be salvaged, sometimes this is just not possible. That’s when superior prosthodontic therapy can make all the difference! Our dental implants will look and feel as close to your natural teeth as possible and are considered the “gold standard” for tooth replacement are.

In severe cases of dental trauma, you may require full mouth dental implants, which involves replacing all of a patient’s teeth with upper and lower arch implants. At other practices, full mouth dental implants requires the coordination of several specialists and a dental fabrication lab to create some of the needed materials, such as porcelain crowns. This can mean weeks of waiting between treatment phases while the lab builds your new teeth. However, to minimize your stress and expedite your recovery, Georgia Prosthodontics boasts a state-of-the-art in-house lab. With our own lab, we can be sure every aspect of your restoration is crafted perfectly and make immediate adjustments as needed. In fact, our lab produces such amazing work that other practices in the Atlanta area come to us to construct their restorations!

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Concerned About Treatment Cost?

Finances are a major concern for many patients. The stress of an unexpected injury may already have you feeling overwhelmed, and your recovery shouldn’t add to that burden. We don’t want budgetary constraints to keep you from accessing the excellent treatment you deserve, which is why we are committed to helping you maximize your dental insurance benefits. With available financing options, we can also work with you to create a payment plan that will suit your budget and help you smile with confidence again.

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